Wisdom from Truth or Consequences

Whilst staying with Chris Webb, an old student of mine and now President of Renovaré, we were looking at a map of the USA in his office and I happened to notice that in New Mexico there was a town called Truth or Consequences. What a great address!

I was somewhat surprised, then, to be directed to a very interesting blog post by two residents of the very same town, discussing the likely impact of the current financial crisis on the values as lived out by poorer societies.  They write:

When we built a world on top of one that was given to us and we thanked ourselves for it we parted ways with the natural world and we made gods of ourselves for the doing of it. What do we have to gain from this collapse? Only paradise and the rediscovery of our humanity. And perhaps wealth will finally move to the hands of those most capable of holding it, those who know how to live in the real world a world that teaches us through our ability to live in it that the health of the individual is dependent on the health of the whole.

Thanks to Gina Trapani at Lifehacker for the link.

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